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  • Get (more) exercise in Galway!

    Gym in Galway? Try the Milon Circle at Fitness35: Exercise for just 35 minute...

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About us

I have often asked myself what indoor fitness would be like in the future. What are the trends of the world at the moment and where are we heading. What are the current needs and demands and what will they be in the future. A few words came to mind such as Personalised, Unique, Time, Easy, Safe, Effective, Results, Future Generation machines.

Fit and Toned in 35 Minutes

The relationship with our customers starts when they walk through the door. We listen to what they have in mind and to their overall goals and objectives. Be it short term or long term, we cannot get anywhere if we don’t know where we are heading. From then on we guide you every step of the way and commit to ensuring the best results possible.

Milon Circle promises guaranteed results or money back. Our personalised training takes various forms and shapes. We have trainers, nutritional Therapist and personalised future generation machines. These give us all the information to prepare specific programmes and get all the feedback we need. All the future generation machines are very easy, safe and incredibly effective. In fact the element of time has been reinvented.

We guarantee impressive work outs with guaranteed results in just 35 minute sessions and only twice a week. Sessions that would normally be equivalent to a 2 hr intense work out. This is possible because the machines activate all muscles simultaneously, The Milon Circle works on the principle of putting an extra strain on your muscle in the negative phase. This is known as eccentric training and it allows you to build 30% more muscle in half the time.

All sessions are personalised so all one needs to do is come ready to train…

We also offer small group classes;  Trampolining,  Bootcamp35, TRX. All exercise programmes for real results, with amazing trainers committed to each and every customer. These classes cater to all different types of people ranging from  core, flexibility, tone, breathing, isokinetic, resistance, static and dynamic. From static or minimal movement to full blown energy based classes. Fitness35  is special because of all the above reasons. It is different to everything else and we have created our own positioning in the world of fitness.


  • Get (more) exercise in Galway!

    Gym in Galway? Try the Milon Circle at Fitness35: Exercise for just 35 minute...

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    Want to try the unique Milon Circle? All new members start with a Free Day Trial!

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    Get back in shape with The Milon Circle in only 2 exercise sessions of 35 minutes every 10 days.

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    Is the Milon Circle the right weight loss and fitness solution for you? Do this 1 minute test!

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  • Evonne O’ Neil 

    "I found out I lost 15 pounds and 3% body fat in only a month!"

    Evonne O’ Neil 
  • "I am already starting to feel the benefits of the Milon system after a short period of use!"

  • "Fitness 35 offers a great workout that only takes 35 minutes. "

    Ann Mooney
  • "I'd recommend it highly, to me it's just the ideal workout for a busy lifestyle!"

    Nicola Forde
  • "Since joining I am happy to say my back is much stronger and I've lost weight too! "

  • "Fast, in and out in very effective so minimal time required. Modern and safe  style equipment and facilities."

  • "In just a month I've lost 6 inches, 2% body fat and have more energy! "

    Siobhán Kelly